Need your opinion... What do you think of the cropped pants + boots combo?
2009-11-13 17:40:29 UTC
like the one on the pic below?
Four answers:
Angelica E
2009-11-13 17:49:27 UTC
Wicked Cute I LOVE it!
2009-11-13 17:59:46 UTC
Personally, I think it looks awkward. Cropped pants are not the most flattering since they cut the leg line in a awkward place, and the scrunchy boots only make the leg look thicker. I prefer tall boots over skinny jeans or pants, or cropped pants that fit closer to the leg with high-heeled oxfords or pumps.
2009-11-13 18:45:24 UTC
I think in some cases, the combo can look REALLY neat together, however the one in the given link is incredibly ugly, in my opinion.
2009-11-13 17:53:58 UTC
Those are gaucho type pants and the boots look better with gauchos because they are wide at the bottom. Tbh, they look cute but I wouldn't wear it. I think it would look better if you're taller.

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